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As the business needs of a company expand, so too does its need for increased server space and data storage. Growth is good, and businesses need to adapt continuously to the demands of that growth. And while organisations have traditionally stored their vast amounts of data in-house, many don’t want to, or can’t keep up with, the overhead and maintenance that comes with clunky servers and data storage infrastructure.

Digital file storage is now a part of our daily lives. The necessity and demand for increased data storage continue to increase. And for an increasing number of organisations that need to adapt to keep up with the continuously evolving needs of their servers and data storage, taking advantage of the expanding list of benefits of colocation is often the way forward.

Expanded. Reliable. Secure.

Through our connections to leaders in the industry, we’re able to free up your IT personnel and provide state-of-the-art data centres that work for your business. Colocation centres can benefit businesses of all sizes. SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses) can obtain the features of a large IT department without heavy investment. Medium to large-sized businesses can expand their data storage capacity without costly construction or facility leasing.

We can supply colocation services that provide your organisation with dedicated space in the most secure facilities with incredibly reliable performance and global connectivity.

  • Data centres engineered for performance, efficiency and uptime.
  • Facilities in a multitude of different locations.
  • Flexible space with the ability to increase capacity when needed.
  • Built-in redundancy, backup and disaster recovery services.

Our partners providing colocation make security and survivability a top priority. On top of built-in security and recovery features, the data centre facilities feature a centrally located command centre with security personnel who monitor and guard the facilities 24/7.

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  • Benefits

    • Data centres engineered for performance, efficiency and uptime
    • Flexible space with the ability to increase capacity when needed
    • Facilities in a multitude of different locations.

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