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Be hands-off with global remote hands and IT support.

No matter how well connected or how good the technology, every business is vulnerable to technical faults. In an evermore connected world, businesses need to be able to operate 24/7. And since technical difficulties don’t always occur during business hours, remote support can prove to be a tremendous benefit.

At Worldwide Networks Group, our connections to industry leaders extend the world over. We’re able to offer global remote hands and IT support that enables your organisation to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks to expert technicians who run around-the-clock troubleshooting and maintenance for you. This allows for quick and efficient technical support, maintenance and management without having to deploy staff, 24/7.

Full technical support, 24/7.

Your organisation isn’t awake at all hours of the day — but we are. Whether it be in the middle of the night or during holidays, our global remote hands and IT support services allow IT operations and any technical issues that may arise to be handled at any time, so you remain fully operational and competitive.

Support issues often happen when you least expect them. So have our global remote hands IT support services take over the necessary tasks at all hours of the day and help you with:

  • Moving and securing network cables.
  • Optimal working router and switch configuration.
  • Server refreshes and reboots.
  • Hardware and software installation, updates and replacements.
  • Reporting equipment performance.
  • Inventory management and labelling.
  • Shipping and receiving requests.
  • Power cycling.
  • Audits

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