Hosted Voice

Break old ties and opt for superior communication with hosted VoIP.

For businesses today, traditional phone lines are nothing but a hindrance. There’s a vastly superior way for businesses of any size to send and receive calls, one that’s straightforward, increases productivity, saves money and more.

Hosted voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) is a secure, inexpensive, internet-based communication service that supports and streamlines your entire business. Having a hosted VoIP phone system removes the hassle of traditional phone lines and makes everything simpler and better. With a hosted VoIP service, businesses get all the communications features a business need in one unified, seamless and cost-effective solution that provides a whole host of benefits.

Increase productivity. Save money. Get a better communications experience.

At Worldwide Networks Group, our alliances with some of the best communications vendors in the industry allow us to provide hosted VoIP services that take businesses to another level. We deliver state-of-the-art VoIP to businesses specifically tailored to the features they need. Our hosted VoIP services are an ideal solution for small businesses who want a simple, inexpensive and secure communications solution that allows for the flexibility and scalability they need to grow.

Hosted VoIP replaces traditional landlines with a fast, secure and efficient cloud-based phone system. This provides your entire business with reliable, secure, uninterrupted communication. With our hosted VoIP services, you get access to a plethora of features and benefits that’ll elevate your business and streamline your communication.


  • Increased productivity

    Your employees and teams get fast, reliable and secure communication, decreasing downtime due to weak lines and increasing work efficiency

  • Improves customer service and satisfaction

    With hosted VoIP, clients and customers get the clear communication they want and expect

  • Saves money

    Hosted VoIP is delivered to your business as an ongoing service, providing a no tie-in, month-to-month service, relieving you of unexpected charges

  • Better communication

    Everyone in your organisation is kept in the loop with a seamless connection experience through multiple devices

  • Fast set-up

    We can replace your old telephone system and get your entire organisation set-up with more reliable, secure and better communication within hours

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