Cyber Security

More threats. More complexity. More reasons to enhance your security now.

Global cyber attacks are increasing in volume and sophistication. Organisations from small and medium-sized businesses to the largest public sector organisations are at risk of sensitive data breaches like never before. You can’t rely on yesterday’s security solutions to protect against today’s advanced security threats.

Threat scope and complexity are evolving at a rapid rate and are becoming ever more vast. Given the disruption of recent global events, the variance of potential threats and the need to ramp up cyber security has never been more pertinent for all businesses.

Severe security breaches can take minutes or less. Cybercriminals have more leverage than ever before. Consider that attackers only need to successfully infiltrate your system once, while your security and protection need to be successful every time. Can you afford underpowered, outdated IT infrastructure and cyber security today?

Don’t leave your data to chance.

DDoS and all cyber tactics are evolving. As businesses rely more heavily on IoT devices, smartphones and personal computers, our workplace networks become increasingly mobile, granting attackers much more leverage today.

Ransomware is becoming a bigger problem, especially with the emergence of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Businesses can be held to ransom and lose enormous sums of money in return for their data. This can be impossible for businesses to fully recover.

As cybercriminals get more sophisticated and the number of cyber threats increases in this rapidly evolving digital landscape, protecting your business now, not later, is the only sensible course of action. Prevention should be a top priority for every organisation. Can you put a price on your business data?

Secure. Protect. Prevent.

Worldwide Networks Group can help fortify and protect your business from the vast array of cyber threats. We use an in-depth security strategy unique to your business, so you’re equipped with the most up-to-date security measures to prevent attacks.

We use a multilayered approach to thoroughly check and provide the right cyber security solutions for your business. We understand the complexities of today’s threats and use our wealth of experience and expertise to ensure you’re fully protected today against the emerging threats of tomorrow.


  • Defending against breaches.

    Breaches can happen in minutes. We’ll bolster your defences and help prevent data breaches with the most advanced approaches. And in the possible case your data is breached, we’ll quickly and thoroughly investigate, minimise damage and immediately fix any security plugs.

  • Network threat and dark web monitoring.

    We carry out around-the-clock network threat detection and defend against dark web monitoring. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to deal with emerging malicious threats within your internet traffic before they’re able to attack to ensure your business remains untouched and keeps running.

  • Regular offline backups and tests.

    It’s essential you have regular offline backups and tests in place. Should the worst happen, you need to know all your data is safe. We set up regular offline backups that take snapshots and store all your valuable data with regular tests to make sure everything is securely stored at all times.

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