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Track down the most malicious attacks with professional forensics.

With the massive increase in intelligent, sophisticated cyber threats in recent times, it’s more important than ever for organisations to plan ahead. When faced with a cyber incident, which is more likely now than ever, organisations must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to protect their operations, reputation and bottom line. And in case of a breach, it’s highly valuable and increasingly important to have professionals who can investigate and analyse your systems to determine what happened, why it happened and what information was breached.

Your business can’t afford to have malicious actors penetrate your networks and steal your data while covering their tracks. That’s why we provide expert forensic services as part of a complete cybersecurity package for any corporation or business.

Uncover the chain of events and prevent future breaches.

We’re connected with professional forensic incident response investigators who can track down the source of the attack and identify exactly what happened. Whether the incident occurred through a desktop, mobile device, server, network application,  database or  email, our forensic services professionals will contain the incident, dispel any infections and recover your organisation. They do this while leveraging their investigative experience and expertise so they can assist your organisation in tracking and recording the chain of events that led to the breach.

Our expert forensic services teams are professionals at dealing with the multifaceted and increasingly complex nature of cyber attacks. They’re experts in dealing with incident response handling, advanced malware detection, forensic examination, criminal investigations and crisis management. No matter the size or scale of the event, they’ll help your organisation navigate the incident, minimise its impact and aid in your recovery so you can continue operating as usual.

We can set up a retainer or offer our forensic services ad-hoc, offering flexibility and scalability to fit your particular organisational needs.

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