Emergency Comms

Rapid deployment of emergency comms for fast, reliable, secure connectivity.

Fast, reliable and secure connectivity is an absolute necessity for modern enterprises. With such a heavy reliance on having strong internet connectivity whenever and wherever they are, organisations can find themselves in trouble if their connection isn’t working the way it should or if it fails. When this happens, they need fast, efficient, emergency deployment of internet connectivity.

At Worldwide Networks Group, we get organisations back up and running from any location and in any situation, fast. As experts with years of industry knowledge and experience under our belts, we have a wide range of internet connectivity options, such as bonded connections and 4G/5G connectivity, that we can rapidly deploy at a moment’s notice to our customers so that they’re back up and running without delay.

A toolbox of connectivity solutions for any situation, anywhere, any time.

There are many situations and events where our emergency comms services can help. From CCTV security to secure business premises to live events such as festivals and markets that require quick, mobile internet access for point of sale devices, we provide rapid emergency comms solutions for any given situation.

And with our toolbox of quick connectivity solutions, we’re able to deploy immediate, reliable and superfast internet connections in any situation, anywhere, any time.

  • Bonded connections

    We can bond multiple connections together, both wired and wireless, from different carriers into a single high-performance internet connection

  • 4G/5G

    Our large portfolio of mobile data solutions means that we can quickly and efficiently set up 4G and 5G connectivity, as well as deploy and aggregate 4G and 5G to improve bandwidth

  • Back up and running

    We can quickly deploy emergency comms in the face of failures, including technical, flooding and more, to get you back up and running, fast

  • Connectivity, anywhere

    We’re able to provide internet connectivity anywhere in a near instant, even in the most remote of locations

  • Failsafe

    We can provide a secure and efficient failover comms system for your wired solution if it should ever fail

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