Step up your network architecture with SD-WAN.

The way enterprises connect has changed. To stay competitive, they’re ditching traditional connections and opting for more intelligent, cloud-based, software-driven architecture to securely connect their users to the growing list of cloud applications. To keep up with the rapid changes, and to stay on top of their digital transformation, more and more businesses are using SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) and reaping the whole host of benefits that come with it for their entire enterprise.

Traditional MPLS connections route traffic through complex routing protocols. But SD-WAN is application aware through software and drives traffic geared towards business requirements. It’s centralised and programmed automatically, increasing speed, consistency and security.

Worldwide Networks Group supplies enterprises with SD-WAN solutions from leading vendors that can transform everyday business operations. We enable our clients to take advantage of a more dynamic and intelligent network that allows users to connect to their applications anywhere, any time, from any device, to wherever those applications reside.


Through SD-WAN, your business can take advantage of these key benefits:

  • Improved performance

    Application performance, including speed and security, is increased.

  • Simplified operations

    Automation and cloud-based management simplify operations across-the-board.

  • Reduced cost

    Costs are reduced with transport independence across MPLS, 4G/5G LTE and other connections.

SD-WAN provides flexible and scalable, cost-effective, software-driven performance that will accelerate your business initiatives.

Extend and empower your network capabilities with VNS.

We can also extend the power of your network architecture by combining VNS (Virtualised Network Services) with SD-WAN. Through our connections to some of the leading vendors in the business, we can provide VNS solutions with fast, on-demand delivery of virtual networks.

Our SD-WAN-VNS creates a seamless WAN that connects your data centres to your business, regardless of location, that allows you to build your own infrastructure and make network adjustments on the fly. Our VNS simplifies your network architecture and increases productivity throughout your entire enterprise. And with dynamic bandwidth, you can choose the services and pricing tailored to your needs.

Digital transformation starts here.

  • Benefits

    • High Availability & Performance
      Dual policy based load balancing routes or standby bandwidth paths allowing your data to reach its destination quickly and efficiently based on your policies.
    • Cost Effective
      Control your costs with proactively routing your data intelligently across the least cost connectivity.
    • Flexibility
      Use your existing network connections that are already in place for your SD- WAN. Combine MPLS, internet or wireless connections into one efficient network.
    • Security
      SDWAN CPEs are all policy based ensuring that your connections are safe.
    • Foster Configuration & Performance
      CPE’s can enable traffic management and security at the application layer ensuring you are in total control of what traffic goes where securely.
    • Reliable Application Performance
      Gain granular control of network and application variables

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