Respond & Recover

Respond with fast and effective planning to stop and contain threats.

Worldwide Networks Group follows the NIST Framework guidelines for the best organisational practices to identify, protect and recover from cyber-attacks.

Aligned with the Respond Function, we support your organisation’s ability to contain the impact of a cybersecurity event. We implement response planning, communications, analysis and mitigation with continuous improvements to ensure a timely and effective response to detected cybersecurity incidents and events.


  • Incidence response plan

    We implement and test an incident response plan to ensure compliance with the necessary reporting requirements

  • Communication

    Respond to events with appropriate internal and external coordinated activities

  • Analysis

    To ensure adequate response and support for recovery activities

  • Mitigation Plan

    Mapping the right steps to remediate identified risks to your organisation

  • Improvements

    We continuously improve your organisation’s response activities through lessons learned from current and previous detect and response activities

Recover from attacks with minimal disruption.

How fast and effective your business can bounce back and recover from an attack is crucial. Following the Recover guidelines outlined by NIST, we develop and help manage the appropriate activities to maintain resilience planning and restore any capabilities or services damaged by a cybersecurity event.

Planning fast and effective recovery from cyber threats such as DDoS attacks or data breaches is paramount. Implementing a detailed plan with the right steps can prevent massive losses, elongated attacks and will enable quick recovery back to normal operations for your organisation.


  • Recovery Planning

    We test, execute and maintain recovery procedures, so your program can quickly mitigate the effects of a cybersecurity event.

  • Improvement

    Areas for improvement are identified and solutions are created after events for faster, better recovery in the future.

  • Communication

    Through strategic planning and execution, we implement coordinated communication internally and externally for greater resilience and mitigation.

WWNG has the expertise and partnerships to develop and deliver perfectly tailored response and recovery implementations for your organisation. By supporting your organisation’s ability to mitigate or contain a cybersecurity event and recover quickly to normal operations, we provide you with the right solutions to deal with tomorrow’s threats, today.

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