Identify your cybersecurity risks to reduce the chances of attack.

Worldwide Networks Group follows the NIST Framework guidelines for the best organisational practices to identify, protect, detect and respond and recover from potential cyber-attacks.

We follow the Identify guidelines as the first step to map your organisation’s security landscape to create a roadmap for complete cybersecurity.

Worldwide Networks Group has the services and solutions to develop an organisational understanding around identifying and managing cybersecurity risks for complete end-to-end security.


  • Asset intelligence

    We identify physical and software assets within your organisation to establish a basis and make sure they’re aligned with their purpose.

  • Business environment

    Identifying and synthesising your organisation’s infrastructure to work with asset intelligence.

  • Governance

    To identify and establish cybersecurity policies within your organisation to define a relevant accountability program to enhance cybersecurity guarantees.

  • Risk assessment

    We identify asset vulnerabilities, threats to organisational resources and risk response activities.

  • Risk management strategy

    We’ll develop a risk management strategy for your organisation, including establishing risk tolerances and default action sequences

Through our dedicated network of partners, services and solutions, we provide end-to-end cyber defence services tailored to your business needs. We ensure complete coverage to identify any security flaws and conduct the appropriate security implementations to mitigate future attacks.

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