A strong foundation of secure connectivity is the key to staying ahead.

The way you connect is the foundation of your business. You need fast and secure network connectivity powered by today’s most advanced technologies. And to keep up with the ever-shifting digital landscape, you need dynamic, rapid and secure connectivity that performs via a reliable cloud network infrastructure.

From the latest in 5G technology to strengthening your MPLS infrastructure to supplying temporary links that keep you connected in case of an emergency, Worldwide Networks Group has the services and solutions to guarantee fast, secure and efficient connectivity across your business.

Bulletproof your connectivity.

Whether you’re in need of a refresh or a total transformation of your network infrastructure, we bridge the gap and offer to bulletproof your connectivity. Whether through implementing 5G, enhancing your existing network infrastructure with robust and reliable MPLS or giving you complete global access with secure cloud services, we have the experience, partnerships and services to provide organisations with networking solutions designed for performance, security and efficiency.


  • 5G is here

    The latest in the evolution of mobile networks has accelerated businesses and their clients towards a faster, more intelligent digital future. Businesses around the world are already benefiting from 5G-powered productivity. Faster speeds, lower latency, greater capacities and improved reliability within the flexibility of 5G mobile network technology are opening up new possibilities. Where can WNG & 5G take your business?

  • Better, faster, stronger with MPLS.

    Businesses need reliable and scalable connectivity with low latency. MPLS increases the speed and controls the flow of data delivery in a simple and efficient way.

    We provide businesses with super fast MPLS to provide greater performance and flexibility with stronger security and survivability to accommodate future technologies.

  • No strings attached wireless.

    Still relying on wires? We help businesses still plugged in transform the way they do business for good with wireless connectivity. Our wireless connectivity solutions provide diverse, secure and efficient ways to connect through 4G/5G services and MPLS.

Digital transformation starts here.

  • Internet / MPLS/ Ethernet / Fibre / Point-2-point

    Enterprises today cannot risk bottlenecks or insecurity in their network infrastructure that slows down day-to-day business activities and puts them at risk. They need fast, secure and scalable networking solutions that allow them to better utilise their network resources. After all, powering a business that’s well connected, whether it be large or small, can be costly.

  • Cloud Public & Private

    The way organisations are working, collaborating and sharing data is changing. Organisations are increasingly shifting to remote working, with more wireless devices connected than ever. With constant connectivity now the norm, businesses need fast, secure and reliable cloud networking that meets today’s demands.

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