Incident Response Planning Workshops, Assessments, Simulations, Security Health Checks

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Having a thorough and efficient incident response plan in place is one of the cornerstones of a complete cybersecurity package for any organisation. A sound incident response plan offers organisations the proper course of action for any significant security incident. By implementing an incident response plan that integrates every important step, the effects of cybercrime, data loss and service outrageous which threaten to disrupt daily work are minimised.

As experts with a collective wealth of experience spanning decades, and through our network of industry leaders in cybersecurity, we can provide all the essential planning, assessments and education required for a complete incident response plan that’s perfectly tailored to your organisation.

Checks and balances that better prepare and secure your organisation against real-world threats.

At Worldwide Networks Group, we help you better prepare for, recognise and respond to threats through our workshops, assessments, simulations and security health checks.

We can set up workshops and provide expert advice designed to give organisations of any type and size a greater understanding of how to create and implement an incident response plan unique to them. From prevention and resilience to employee roles to fast and effective triage, we provide workshops designed to educate everyone in your organisation on the best practices, warning signs and proper response for sound incident response planning.

We also conduct thorough assessments and simulations which provide us with detailed information on your organisation’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Our experts use the detailed reports from their tests to fix potential issues, plug security holes and improve planning and response in the face of potential real-world threats.

And our security health checks assess your current level of incident preparedness and enable us to review your response plan. This also helps us recognise existing breaches and identify other possible vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. By running our extensive security health checks, we remove the guesswork and further improve your organisation’s overall security posture.

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