Data Loss Prevention and Backup

Advanced data loss prevention strategies to mitigate risk and remain compliant.

With more and more sensitive information being processed, stored and transferred by organisations, it’s more important than ever they have a sound DLP (data loss prevention and backup) strategy.

Remote working and the increasing insurgence of modern, sophisticated attacks, are just two factors that highlight the growing interest in DLP. As part of any modern organisation’s security strategy, having a strong, streamlined and efficient DLP strategy in place that minimises sensitive information leaks is paramount.

At Worldwide Networks Group, we ensure your organisation has the best DLP practices and products in place that bolster your overall security posture. We mitigate the risk of critical data loss and the negative impacts of a network breach and keep you compliant with the increasingly stringent data protection laws and regulations.

A multilayered approach to monitor, prevent and recover.

We provide a multilayered DLP strategy that ensures sensitive data remains behind a network firewall. We secure sound planning that enables your organisation to review and update its data storage and retention policies so that you remain compliant. And our best practices and software platforms focus on monitoring and managing data access from both authorised and unauthorised users, radically reducing the risk of data leaks.

With our years of expertise, resources and connections to top vendors, we’re able to provide DLP as a cybersecurity solution that both detects potential breaches before they can strike and prevents them from stealing your crucial data. And with secure backups created in advance, we can ensure all your most vital information and data is kept safe and ready to restore in case of loss.

Our DLP solutions allow your organisation to:

  • Continuously monitor and protect data.
  • Block the extraction, transfer and destruction of sensitive data.
  • Identify sensitive information across multiple on-premises and cloud-based systems.
  • Prevent the accidental sharing of data.
  • Educate users on how to remain compliant.

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