Incident Response Services (Triage, Investigate and Incident Teams)

Fast, effective, dedicated incident response strategies, delivered.

Cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high. From ransomware to backdoor security breaches, every organisation has to bolster its defences against the increasing number of mounted attacks which can prove devastating. But it’s not enough to only have a great defence — an organisation must have a relevant, timely and effective incident response strategy in place to successfully respond and recover from cyber-attacks.

At Worldwide Networks Group, we take your security seriously. Our deep understanding and wealth of experience mean we’ve seen first-hand how crucial it is to have the right incident response services in place. Whether you’re a large corporation or business or an SME (small to medium-sized business), we’re able to set up and deliver incident response services that mitigate risk and get your systems back to normal in the event of an attack.

Triage. Investigate. Deploy.

Through our network of top vendors, we’ll set your organisation up with an effective triage system tailored to your unique infrastructure. To triage the right way means to assign a level of importance or urgency to incidents that occur which determines the order in which they’re to be investigated. Having the right triage system in place for your organisation means no time is wasted. As soon as a security incident is detected, our intelligent triaging presents the details as to where the analysts need to focus time, energy and resources on investigating the potential threats.

With our incident response services, you’ll get a rapid, thorough investigation of received incident alerts. With skill and expertise by your side, we’ll minimise the time it takes to contain a breach and accelerate recovery.

And as part of a complete and effective incident response services strategy, we can provide an incident response team that’s armed and ready long before any incident needs responding to. We’re connected to some of the best in the industry, and we’re able to provide your organisation with a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who’ll be rapidly deployed in the event of security breaches, viruses or other potentially damaging security incidents. Our professional teams are ready to respond in defence of your organisation 24/7.

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