Nexogy can most certainly deliver service outside of the U.S., but there are a few things I like to inform partners about upfront so I’m not wasting your time. 1. Customers must have a US-based address so we can calculate taxes ( P.O. Box will work too) 2. Customers must have the ability to pay their bill in $USD ( we cannot accept any other currencies at this time) 3. For customers wanting local origination and the ability to present their local DID when calling their customers, additional time may be required for Nexogy to source a local SIP provider to interconnect with. Places Nexogy plays well: – Healthcare ( especially ALFs) -Retail – Hospitality -Education -Law Firms Differentiating Features and Attributes: – Call Path Model (think customer’s with multiple locations, lower call volumes with a large employee count) – Partner added NRC and MRC line items ( upfront hardware, installation, call path monitoring, seat/user monitoring, monthly MAC package. etc) -MSFT Teams Integration -CRM Integration – Partners have a single login to manage and support all of their customers hosted VoIP systems – Top-down organization- Our owners will talk directly to partners before they even sell anything. One of our core values is that we want and welcome partners to tell us what they and their customers need rather than the other way around. – PMS Integration with most systems ( Nexogy sees tons of success with boutique hotels) – Single backend system provides partners with the ability to track quotes, agreements, commissions and technical support for their clients. In addition, Nexogy utilizes APIs with our hardware provisioning and porting partners ( less human data entry equals a very low margin of error and an average installation time of 15 business days).